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Academy Improvement 2018-19

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Reffley Academy


School Development Plan 2018 -19 Key Aims and Rationale


Key Aims


  • The key aims of the School Development Plan 2018 – 19 are:
  • To provide a safe, stimulating and enabling environment for children and adults.
  • To develop capacity, structure and rigour within all departments of the academy structure to ensure a functioning, proactive and responsive school system which can grow with a stimulating curriculum and learning environment, high-quality assessment, innovative ways of working and being responsive to the needs of pupils.
  • To develop the skills of the staff in both the delivery of high-quality education and the ability to critically analyse this.
  • To ensure that the Academy delivers a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of learners.


Put simply, in 2018 – 19; we must:

  • Raise the quality of teaching & learning
  • Be constantly mindful of our Safeguarding duties
  • Rigorously monitor and act decisively as a result
  • Develop the assessment structure in the school
  • Support the whole child
  • Build sustainability
  • Develop independence, resilience and peer support within the children
  • Build on the Academy’s values, ethos and develop community relations.