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School Values



At Reffley we recognise the following key skills that prepare us for life-long learning as global citizens of the 21st Century when we access the world through being creative and aspirational. We expect all to show independence in school and the local community where we demonstrate respect for all. We understand that we need to show courage, confident and motivated in order to learn and enrich our skills as socially astute individuals.  We know the importance of being a team player and balancing this with competiveness in order to be successful. We strive to celebrate our contribution as global citizens in the things we enjoy and share these skills with our friends, one and all.


Our Academy will develop a broad and balanced curriculum which enables all children to achieve their full potential as life-long learners and members of a 21st century global society. To be central to enabling the community to contribute to the development of its children by supporting education outside of the classroom.


By the end of year 6 we expect all children to be successful ad demonstrate their wide variety of skills not only in English and Maths but all curriculum subjects.


Our Values can be seen in the document attached and we strive to meet these not only in school but in the community.

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