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Academy Improvement 2019-20

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Academy Development Plan 2019-20 Key Aims and Rationale


Every academy has a development plan which focuses on the areas for improvement and development throughout the academic year. The plan is made up of targets, which help us maintain high standards and ensure we are constantly improving our teaching, learning, policies and procedures.


The SDP is just one of the ways we work to improve the quality of care and education we provide for the children in our academy.



The key aims of the School Development Plan 2018 – 19 are:

  • Target 1 (Leadership and Management) – to build on the leadership and management structure across the academy

  • Target 2 (Pupil's Behaviour) - to ensure a consistent approach to improve behaviour to support effective teaching and learning and to ensure the safety and well-being of all children

  • Target 3 (Quality of Education) – Ensure quality first teaching and address key gaps in learning with swift targeted intervention to improve combined outcomes in Reading, Writing and Maths

  • Target 4 (Quality of Education) – Ensure children all benefit from the revised curriculum of the academy and make sure the revised curriculum is delivered successfully.


Put simply, in 2019 – 20; we must:

  • Raise the quality of teaching and learning
  • Be constantly mindful of our Safeguarding duties
  • Rigorously monitor and act decisively as a result
  • Develop a curriculum that meets the needs of the school
  • Support the whole child
  • Build sustainability
  • Develop independence, resilience and peer support within the children
  • Build on the Academy’s values, ethos and develop community relations.