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Our vision is that children aim for 'a better future'. This fullness involves developing academically, physically, socially, spiritually, morally, culturally, and artistically. Our curriculum is the means by which we engender this development and ensure that our children receive their fair share of the rich cultural inheritance our nation and our world affords. It aims to empower children with the knowledge they are entitled to: knowledge that will nourish both them and the society of which they are members. This cultural inheritance includes the study and practice of artistic endeavour and social and physical skills as well as intellectual thought. Our intention is that through this our values children are suitably equiped to become interested and interesting adults, able to contribute postively to the well-being of their community and to wider society.


The National Curriculum

The National Curriculum (NC) provides both the content and the framework for most of what we teach at Reffley Academy.  In the Early Years, children experience the seven areas of learning required as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which is delivered nationally.  In Key Stage One and Key Stage Two children are taught the ‘core’ subjects of English, mathematics, science and religious education (RE) and  the ‘foundation’ subjects of history, geography, music, art, physical education (PE), design and technology (DT), French, and computing. We follow the guidelines of the National Curriculum, details of which can be found from


Academic achievement

We have high expectations of academic achievement.  Children are expected to work hard and recognise that each day at school provides the opportunity to gain new experiences, knowledge, understanding and skills.  Children do better when parents/carers work closely with the school and we encourage parents/carers to take a keen interest in their children’s education, making learning a part of everyday life.



It is our responsibility to ensure that pupils become confident and competent users of the English Language. Our fundamental task is to teach your child to speak, read and write English effectively.  Great emphasis is placed upon phonics-based literacy from the outset.



Our maths curriculum is based around the Power Maths resources, details can be found on These resources are adapted for groups and individual children to ensure that all children have an opportunity to develop their mathematical skills and understanding, to develop their reasoning and problem solving skills and to ensure that they are challenged appropriately.



We enhance our curriculum with PATHs (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) . The programme teaches social and emotional learning where children are supported to:

- recognise feelings and emotions

- make constructive choices about personal and social behaviour; and

- show understanding and empathy for others.