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Chief Executive Headteacher - Ms L Cook (Deputy DSL)

Headteacher - Miss H Fendley (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Acting Assistant Head - Mrs A Shayes 


Key Stage Leaders:

EYFS - Mrs S Parnham 

KS1 - Mrs F Peters 

Year 3 and 4 - Mrs A Shayes 

Year 5 and 6 - Mr M Cuenca-Farrow 


Teaching Staff:

Nursery - Mrs N Anderson 

Reception - Mrs S Parnham and Miss K Nicholson 

Year 1 - Mrs C Nash and Mrs L Lee 

Year 2 - Mrs F Peters, Miss N Child and Miss E Graham 

Year 3 - Mrs A Shayes and Mrs L Howell 

Year 4 - Miss L Ritchie and Mr A Punchard  

Year 5 - Mr M Cuenca-Farrow and Mr P Higham 

Year 6 - Mr P Bickley, Mrs G Brewer and Mrs L Rowe


Teaching Assistants:

Miss Z Bunting 

Mrs L Swales 

Miss C Reed  

Mrs L Morton 

Mrs S Ellis 

Mrs C Kitchener 

Mrs W Brown 

Mrs S Royal 

Mrs M Pearman 

Mrs E Pearson 

Miss K Aarons 

Ms J Bowman 

Mrs H Hill 


PE Coaches:

Mr M Parkinson 

Mr J Thurston

Mr A Watson

Mr L Jarvis

Mr E Upson  


Pastoral Support:

Miss C Hodgson (Deputy Safeguarding Lead)



Mrs C Bunton 


Office Staff:

Mrs L Smith

Ms M Twaite 


Midday Supervisory Assistants:

Mrs D Blazer 

Mrs S Bowman 

Mrs N Robinson 

Mrs J Brown 

Mrs L Calton 

Mrs S Hamer 

Mrs J Hammond 

Miss E Lowes 

Mrs R Thurley 

Mrs M Vass 

Mrs D Williamson 


Cleaning Staff:

Mr I Raby 

Mrs R Arnold 

Mrs L Calton 

Mrs J Hammond 

Mrs M Nugent 

Mrs L Spooner